Accepting Applications for Presentations

The theme of AZEC 2013 is “Educational Cooperation between Museums for Humanities and Sciences - A message of generating new life through new linkages -”. This conference will see a call for research papers focusing on the implementation of training programs, surveys, research and the like that takes up the theme of cooperation between museums dedicated to the humanities and natural science museums. The goal is for the many participants and facilities to cooperate by sharing information and ideas. Furthermore, with regards to zoos and aquariums lacking experience when it comes to this type of thing, the partner organization need not necessarily be a humanities-related museum; cooperation with schools, universities, private companies and citizen’s groups is also acceptable. Educational practices not having any relationship with this theme will also be accepted. We anticipate being flooded with applications. If there are many applications, presentations that are consistent with the conference theme will be given preference.



The theme of the conference is “Educational Cooperation between Museums for Humanities and Sciences - A message of generating new life through new linkages -”.. Please refer to one of the following if applying to make an oral presentation, poster presentation or participate in a workshop.


Type of presentation

Time required

Language to be used

20 minutes (includes time for questions)

25 presentations will be accepted

For oral presentations, simultaneous English and Japanese interpreters are available.

PowerPoint presentations and posters are to be created in English.

No interpreters are provided for poster presentations.

English is needed to participate in this workshop.


110 minutes will be provided (in total) 20 presentations will be accepted


1 hour and 2 hour workshops are offered Two workshops will be accepted.

NOTE: While we will do our best to accept the desired presentation types, when there are many applications we may change oral presentations to poster presentations. The program committee will designate presentation methods.

NOTE: If there are too many presentation applications, we may have to refuse some.


1. How to apply to make a presentation

 Individuals interested in making a presentation should provide the required information on the following application form and return it as an email attachment to the AZEC offices by October 14.

 Send to: info2013@azec2013.jp



Registration is confirmed if both the registration form and the payment are received.


2. Guidelines for creating an overview of the presentation

A.Submit the overview in English

B.Put the title in bold type

C.Use 12-point Times New Roman font for the author’s name

D.Note the author’s name, gender and member organization

E.The overview needs to be in single-byte characters. Keep the total word count to 200 words or less,
  not counting title, author’s name and similar ancillary information.


3.The program committee will review the abstract. The author will be informed of the results of
  peer review by October 31, 2013.

4.All finished PowerPoint presentations are to be submitted by October 31, 2013. Posters should be
  printed and brought on the day of the presentation.

5.5. Guidelines for describing the presentation abstract.




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