Individuals interested in participating and making presentations should submit the registration form below and pay the prescribed participation fee. Participants who pay by September 30 will be eligible for an early bird discount. The final deadline for registration is planned for October 31; however, registration will be closed when capacity registration (210) is reached, even if this occurs before the final deadline.



Download the registration form below, fill it out and then submit it as an attachment to: info2013@azec2013.jp




Registration is done only after the mail is received and the payment is confirmed.



Participants residing in Japan may pay using any of the following payment methods.

1. Postal transfer

Account number 01780 – 4 – 138866
(handling fee to be paid by the person making the transfer)
Account name: l•¶Œn‚ÆŽ©‘RŒn”Ž•¨ŠÙ‚̘AŒgŽÀsˆÏˆõ‰ï
(The Committee for Educational Cooperation Between Museums for the Humanities and the Sciences)

2. Bank transfer

Bank: Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Saitozaki Branch
(handling fee to be paid by the person making the transfer)
Account number 1434424
Account name: l•¶Œn‚ÆŽ©‘RŒn”Ž•¨ŠÙ‚̘AŒgŽÀsˆÏˆõ‰ï@‘ã•\@‚“c_“ñ (The Committee for Educational Cooperation Between Museums for the Humanities and the Sciences, Koji Takada, Representative)

3. Registered mail

The Committee for Educational Cooperation Between Museums for the Humanities and the Sciences
Umi no nakamichi Marine Ecology Science Museum
18-28 Saitozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 811- 0321

Participants residing overseas are to use the following payment method.

1. Paypal payment using a credit card








Participant Registration Fees

Number of days


Early bird rate
(For payments made by Sept. 30)
Two days


Three days


Four or five days



NOTE: For AZEC participants, the JZAE annual fee and participation fee are included in these amounts.
NOTE: Even JZAE members who do not participate in the AZEC conference must pay standard annual dues of ¥3,000



Costs Covered by Participant Registration Fees (assumes participation for all five days)

Conference events

Ice breaker party, welcome dinner, aquarium dinner, farewell dinner


Lunch (four), coffee breaks (three)


Between hotel and venue, between airport and venue, sightseeing of facilities, bus fare between each

Friendship events

Entry fees for each facility during the time of the conference, event participation fee

Goods related to the conference

Distributed materials, stationary, souvenirs, etc.

NOTE: Lodging and breakfast are not included in the registration fee. Please see the hotel info provided separately.



Important dates

Mid June

Conference official website formally opens, and participant registration starts

Aug 31

Deadline for participation funding applications

Sept 30

Deadline for research presentation and poster presentation applications – early application deadline

Oct 31

Participation registration deadline (subject to remaining available places)




Optional tours are planned for the sixth day of the conference on December 14. A participation fee applies. Only a limited number of participants will be accepted, so interested parties should apply by November 20.

Tour options


Participant fee Downloads

Option A
Inspection tour of museums in the Fukuoka vicinity

  1. Kyushu National Museum
  2. Kyushu Historical Museum

December 14


Option B
Inspection tour around Kyushu

  1. Aso Volcano
  2. Aso Volcano Museum
  3. Oita Umitamago Aquarium

December 14





 Financial aid is available to three educational professionals from zoo, aquarium or museum of developing countries so that they might participate in AZEC 2013. Expenditures covered by this aid include round-trip airfare, hotel charges, meals and the registration fee for the conference. Individuals interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should apply using the registration application form below, which will be reviewed by the committee.


  1. Individuals interested in receiving financial aid for AZEC 2013 should provide the required information on the following application form and return it as an email attachment to the AZEC offices by August 31. AZEC office address: info2013@azec2013.jp@

  2. Whether you already possess a passport, or plan on acquiring one before the conference, make sure and bring it with you.
  3. Papers will be presented and workshops are planned that compliment the theme of the conference. These fulfill important roles in the field of zoological education.
  4. Continuous participation is required during the entire time the conference is being held.
  5. You will need to submit a CV and a summary of the presentation as well as a recommendation from the organization that you represent.
  6. Final report: Within one month of the end of the conference, you are to submit an evaluation report and final report outlining how your attendance at this conference influenced your program of education and your organization’s educational activities.
  7. AZEC will make arrangements for the conference registration fee for up to five days, as well as for airline tickets and hotel accommodations. However, this does not constitute a definitive promise. This is because as a selected candidate, you must authenticate that you possess a valid passport and visa one month before the conference.
  8. Financial aid for the 4th AZEC Conference will cover your round trip airfare, hotel charges, meals and registration fees.

9. Making arrangements for airfare, etc.: A Japanese travel agency will take care of your airline tickets and hotel and contact you with the details. We will need the following documents. (1) boarding pass, (2) ticket stub (or e-ticket)


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